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Travelling and staying in Europe can be cheap and expensive depending on your lifestyle. Transportation can be more expensive if you are travelling long distances and missed out the Ryanair. Despite these high cost of living and expensiveness, Europe can still be cheap for everyone.

  • The Megabus is an example of cheap travelling around United Kingdom because tickets cost only 1.50 USD. In order for you to get these fares, you will have to book a month before to get the popular routes. You can travel more affordably through national bus system with fares seldom top 15 USD. Megabus is the cheapest transportation around UK, Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels.
  • Busabout is generally used by backpackers as this offer a hop-on and hop-off service. You can purchase for tickets that allow you to go with their whole network with several stops. For instance, you can buy a 9-day flexipass which costs 669 USD that will give 9 stops starting from your city. The stops depend on what you want. This makes such pass more competitive with high speed trains and long distances.
  • The Ryanair is a budget airline that offers cheap airfare. You can buy tickets in which fares are just the taxes. This offers cheap flight all around Europe for a minimum fare of 25 USD. But in order for you to take advantage from these deals, you need to book your flight a month before you travel. In times of off-season, regular sales are available. But bear in mind to read the rules for you to benefit more on cheap fares.
  • It can be a good choice if you get a rail pass when you travel to great distances. The rail system in Europe is great and really cheap for short distances but night trains going multiple countries can be a bit expensive. Fares can be more than $100 but with a rail pass, you can save a lot from your budget.
  • The Eurolines will take your all around the continent conveniently and faster. This is great for international long distances which can cost you 100 USD if you are going to travel from Berlin to the city of Paris. If you are on a tight budget, better take the train.
  • But what is really the cheapest way to travel? Hitching doesn’t need you to pay for the trip. It is very common in Europe and many travellers have already done this.

The cheapest means of transportation in Europe is through budget airline or bus travel. And remember that, the earlier you book, the more chances you have to obtain these cheap deals. High speed train or last-minute booking are a lot more expensive than early bookings. When you plan, you can achieve cheaper traveling means in Europe so you need to be observant and prepared in order for you to take advantage from these tips.

Is Europe cheap? Now, that depends on how you manage your travelling manner. And of course, the skill of getting the right schedule for early booking may it be for air travel or via bus.

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