Why Skateboarding Is Still Cool


The recent survey conducted in the US found that skateboarding is the top 3 most popular sport among teenagers and is very popular worldwide. Now, you may be asking why skateboarding is still cool? Well then, the following are the top reasons why this sport is still on hot trend.

  • Self Expression – skateboarding is typically about self expression. This sport is very simple because you only need a skateboard and yourself. You can even perform it without wearing shoes. The skateboard is very much affordable and anyone can try this. It doesn’t really matter whether you are thin or fat, tall or short, old or young as there are boards and styles that will work on both. If you are a soulful person, then it will be seen on how your do skateboarding. The way you make your own skateboarding style shows if you’re graceful, daredevil, comical or whatever. But being yourself is what this sport is all about.
  • Punk Ire – skateboarding is really popular because of its punk movement. Punk was born out of modernism, established rules, and big business where loud angry music, piercings, spikes, and tattoos all came together. Skateboarding is tough yet you also have to be tough so that you will learn how to do it. It doesn’t have certain rules and anything goes. You can actually do whatever you want or be whoever you want and just tell the whole wide world off which makes punk and skateboarding a perfect mix.
  • Belongingness – skateboarding is not just for punks, it can also go with jocks, nerds, Goth, or anyone who just loves the sport. These unique personalities are joined together and generally known as skaters. They all tried the board and loved it eventually. And what makes skateboarding even more popular and cool is that it welcomes everyone who has the heart for it. As long as you try it and love it, you are definitely in! And the thing is, most skaters get along with each other’s company well surprisingly. Most cool people engage in this activity and just show how confident they are through the movements they make. Professional skaters encouraged and teach newbies and educate them about the tricks. In this manner, they are all associated with each other unexpectedly and get to hang out more. Skateboarding represents a lot of different attitudes but they are not all negative.
  • Skate and Create – the tricks are invented by someone and through that initiative more tricks are created depending on the skill and feelings of the creator. More possibilities are indeed endless since the skater and the skateboard are connected. Skaters will continue to create tricks as long as they have the passion. In fact, even if there’s only one skater on earth, skateboarding will surely evolve and will keep on progressing into fresher sport.

If you want to feel more freedom in your life, then this cool sport will give you that. Truth is, skateboarding is one, unique sport that will never be outdated. Want to have some fun? Then try this!

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