Chris Nova Wants You To Steal His Music


If you love music, then you probably have heard about Chris Nova or even listened to his songs and music. You might get shivers when the chorus of his songs kicks in or whenever he makes his own rendition of your favourite song. Well, Chris Nova really wants you to steal his music and create your own unique version of it and share it to others, just as what he does whenever he sings other artist’s song. If you would like to sing his unique songs, he wants you to consider it as your own, putting your own melody and creating a different tone and mood on it.

Chris Nova has actually been in the music industry for years. He started playing electronic music when he was young and in the middle of 90’s. In the year 1000, he joined the Chromanova-family and he worked with them even until now. They stream tons of lively ad cheerful mixes throughout the world. They are constantly inspiring other people, especially those artists who also want to establish a name in the music industry.

In year 2008, Chris Nova joined the Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records and he had produced about fifteen compilations for this label. His success continued and even played in various performances. He also played on similar parties with the biggest names in the music industry, including Tristan, Duckster, Avalon, Sonic Species, Vibe tribe, Tikal, Wrecked Machines, Talamasca, DJ Rica Amaral, Space Tribe, Skazi, Electric Universe, Protoculture, Astrix and so much more.

Chris Nova has been bringing great inspiration to people in parties throughout Brazil, Europe and Germany in the past years. He wants you to steal his music in a way that would also enable you to reap exceptional benefits, as he really wants to share the success that he has obtained throughout the years. He has also played on many great parties such as Fusion Festival and Fullmoon Festival in Germany, Croatia’s Underwater Overground Festival, Denmark’s Indoor Partys, Fullmoon Open Air Beach Festivals in the Netherlands and even played at one of Germany’s largest Trance New Years Eve Celebration – the Odysse and so much more.

His unique approach and impressive performance play a critical role in his overall success. He serves as a great inspiration to many people and his style is moving between uplifting Psychedelic Trance and House Music. Chris has many different music influences, including the famous artists and performers he worked with. Among his musical influences include Astrix, Champa, Jay Lumen, Verical Mode, Symbolic, Ace Ventura, Electric Universe, Outsiders, Burn in Noisem Sonic Species, The First Stone and others.

Chris Nova Wants You To Steal His Music and experience real success. In the vast music industry and the great number of talented performers and artists, it can be quite daunting to establish your own name in the industry. You will need to face a lot of challenges before you obtain success. However, Chris Nova is pleased to reveal his secrets and he even wants you to steal his music.

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