The Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of


A lot of people will find a certain musical genre and then stick to it, not wanting to extend their reach and expand their horizon just because they are afraid of the cost related to buying a new shelf of disks or making another folder in iTunes. Sometimes, people settle for something just because it is known to everyone or it is popular to many people. This often goes the same with their chosen band.

In the music industry, not all the best are graced with fame. Some crap bands have obtained glory while those more deserving ones languish on the fringes. It is the right time to acknowledge the greatest and the best bands that deserve to be on top but haven’t obtained the right recognition they ought to receive. The following are some of the best bands you probably never heard of.

  • The Chameleon Circuit: Many of bands these days are contented with performing with Comic Con or remain content in posting their videos on YouTube. However, Chameleon Circuit is different, as this band found their own niche with the great support and help of the Whovian Community, managing to do well on the United States and United Kingdom charts. This band specializes in performing to a distinct few, with unique lyrics that only the savvy with the show may actually understand.
  • The Fierce and the Dead: This is a smoking instrumental quartet that features Steve Cleaton and Matt Stevens on guitar, Stewart Mashall on Drums and Kevin Feazey on bass. To date, The Fierce and the Dead has released 3 EPs and 2 full length recordings. What sets them apart from any other bands in the industry is their music that is fun and that consistently swings.
  • Hardwater: This is a Los Angeles based band that’s a quartet of two guitars, drums and bass. It was able release one album in 1968. It was believed that such release was a case of wrong time. Although the album was release on a major label, it just suddenly disappeared into obscurity. However, listening to their album, many people find it hard to understand how such wonderful work had fallen into obscurity. Some of the problems actually involve delay in getting the album release, the lack of sponsored tour and others.
  • The 88: This is a band in California that has obtained recent success in making scores for ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Community’ that uses the conventional music format. Even though this group has made music that is used in many popular shows, majority of their songs are generic. However, their songs are remarkably of great quality.

Being popular does not mean you are the best. In the same way, being unknown is not an indication that you are not good in your field. These are just among the many great and best bands that deserve recognition. These bands were able to create unique music and craft impressive songs. They also ought to be acknowledged in the music industry.

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