Top Five Concert Venues In The World


When it comes to live shows and concert, the venue plays a crucial part in an individual’s concert-going experience. It is also critical in setting the mood of the concert or event. Whether it is a theatrical show or a musical performance, it often relies on almost everything that the venue provides, from the setting or ambience to the sound system. To acknowledge the value of these concert venues, it pays more to know some of the most stunning and wonderful concert halls and venues in the world.

  • The Vienna State Opera: This is the longest running and the oldest opera located in the Germanic countries. It has been the venue for more than fifty operas and fifteen ballets in their three-hundred day season. The original building’s construction began in year 1863 and ended in 1869 but the building was actually ravaged by bombs and fire during World War II. It just reopened on the 5th of November 1955.
  • Paradiso in Amsterdam: Paradiso is one of most wonderful places to catch concerts and Amsterdam events. It is a fantastic 19th-century church that has been converted into a nightclub and a massive concert venue. It attracts some of the world-renown electronic, pop and rock artists. Past performances conducted in this venue included rock legends such as Metallica, Pink Floyd, U2, The Rolling Stones and international pop stars like Lady Gaga and Adele.
  • Columbia Halle in Berlin: Berlin is actually crowded with great music venues and nightclubs but it is the Columbia Halle that stands out from the rest. It comes with second-storey balconies and ultra-modern designs, attracting famous artists and performers from all parts of the world. It even boasts some of Europe’s best acoustics. Its fantastic light shows offer a multi-sensory musical experience to everyone.
  • Vienna Musikverein: Together with the Boston Symphony Hall, Musikverein is regarded as one of the world’s best hall. Considered as the ‘Golden Sound in the Golden Hall,’ the wonderfully ornate auditorium of Musikrevein, combined with its unique sound truly make this venue an exceptional and world-class concert hall.
  • Dalhalla: If you want to get away from the concrete jungle, then the Dalhalla in Sweden is the right concert venue to consider. It is surrounded by forests, making it a truly unique and impressive concert venue. This dazzling amphitheater is remarkably located in a former limestone quarry. Although it is only open during summer months, this concert venue presents about twenty to thirty events and attracts over one-hundred thousand visitors due to its relaxing ambience.

These are just among the most popular concert venues in the world today. Some of the largest opera houses and concert venues include The Metropolitan Opera, housing more than 4,000 people, The George, Le Grand Rex in Paris, The Congress Theater in Chicago, the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and so much more. If you are about to watch the concert of your most favourite artist or performer, check these concert venues out, as they may be performing in one of these places.

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